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TRC  is the supplier of high-quality RFID Smart-labels and -Tags for Tracking & Tracing and IoT applications since 1995.

TRC  belongs to PVL-Group (since 1980 in Auto-ID) and has supplied Global Customers with the best RFID products for your solutions and more than 25 years of experience.

TRC is a sister company of  THE TAG FACTORY.

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    THE RFID COMPANY offers a wide range of high-performance Smart-labels and tags in UHF, HF/NFC, and LF frequencies to fit in any asset tracking, material flow management, inventory management, or compliance application in the following markets:

    The RFID Company Smart Labels
    supplies standard and customized Smart-Labels:
    The RFID Company RFID-tags
    Delivers standard and customised hard-tags. :

    TRC Newsletter

    RFID Laundry Tags, Why the textile laundry industry utilizes RFID?

    Identification, tracking and tracing of garments in industrial, healthcare, hospitality, and elderly homes is indispensable. It's cost-saving and enhances efficiency resulting in a better process….

    Returnable Transportation Items, Track them with TRC RTI Labels

    We offer the most robust and rigid RFID labels for your returnable assets. No task is too big or small for TRC Labels and you will always know where your assets are located…

    Tamper proof SaaS, Tamper detection doesn't need to be complex!

    Our 100% biodegradable labels are also now available with tamper detection. It is made with SaaS, eliminating the difficulty of developing your system…